Thursday, November 25, 2004

Seeing and Seen

I went to the Printing Museum, Tokyo to see "Seeing and Seen: Variations in Depiction between Japan and Foreign Lands", a temporary exhibition on until Dec 12. The museum is inside the Toppan Printing Co.'s office building. I saw the poster on the train, but it seems under-publicized, and there were very few people around.
A small exhibition, but quite interesting. I found some drawings in "Illustrated London News" rather funny, like "a Japanese God descending from heaven riding on a wild boar". Never heard of such a thing myself. What I found most amazing was this corner comparing imagination vs. actual. Drawings based on other people's reports were hilarious! Yes, images speaks more than words, like the Japanese saying, "Seeing once is worth hearing 100 times"(Hyakubun ha ikken ni shikazu).


At 2:14 PM, Blogger netherus said...

Hey. This promises to be interesting.
I'll start dropping by.



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