Friday, December 30, 2005

All We Need Is "Ai"

"Ai", meaning love, was announced the Kanji of the Year for 2005.
It was chosen by public votes, which was rather scattered between different Kanjis.
"Ai" gained just 4.7%, followed by "Kai" (reform) and "Yu" (postal).
The reasons voters wrote for choosing "Ai":
Princess Norinomiya's wedding, pure love boom, marriage of many celebrities, giving relief to hurricane and earthquake victims, Aichi-Expo ("Ai-Chikyu-Haku"), various Ai-chans doing well (Ai Miyazato in golf, Ai Fukuhara in table tennis, Aiko-sama may become empress in the future), and heart-rending incidents such as murdering of small children and quake resistance data scams indicating that there's not enough love...
Priest Mori of the Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto calligraphed the character at the temple's Oku-no-in, which had been repaired after a 370 year interval.


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