Saturday, April 29, 2006

Driving Mr. Kamikaze

Yesterday, we went to the funeral of my husband's uncle, who died in a traffic accident. He crahed brakeless into the car in front of him, which was halting at a red light. It may have been inattentive driving, or he suddenly felt ill or something. He was 80 years old and his sons were telling him to give up driving, but he gave no ear. He drove daily to visit his dementia wife at a home for the elderly. She suffered a cerebral infarction several years ago.
At the end of the funeral, his son said, "I heard that my father joined "Yokaren," or "Youth training Corps" around the end of war. If the war had lasted longer, he might have become a Kamikaze suicide attack pilot, and we wouldn't have existed..."
It was the first time we heard such episodes. I'm sure his generation has a lot of untold stories, which would soon be lost as they pass away.